Interior . RoCK YoUR HoUSE

It's summertime. And it's raining almost every day.....but summertime is also festivaltime. And although the sun is a festival's best friend, weather is not the most important thing. It's all about just being there, to hear great music and to see your favorite artists live on stage. 
Visiting a festival brings you in happy moods and gives a lot of energy. 
Going to a fabulous concert does that too. When you're home again you want to keep this happy feeling for a long long time. How? Well of course it's possible to play your favorite music loud, read all the reviews, watch all the video's you can find on the internet and keep calling your friends. But after that? 
How about this: 

Get into the GrOovE,      
grab yourself some FunkY stuff 
and RocK your house!   

I went to the North Sea Jazz festival in Rotterdam on 'best friend'-weekend. Lovely! What did you do? Or where will you go this summer? Enjoy! And remember:

 * keep the S O U L alive * 

pictures via:

1) interior via Plenty of Colour, cable via BrigitteW , mp3 speaker 'marshall on the go' via urban outfitters
2) interior with lamp Simone via Delightfull, music star-hook-seletti, Phonofone III 
3) interior & turntable via urban outfitters, guitar via Pinterest
4) interior with lamp Jackson via Delightfull, Neon via google/wikipedia, Words via Vintage Junky
5) interior via A beachy Life, turntable via urban outfitters
 groovy floormusic vinyl via google


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