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This month I attend the blog ecourse called Blog Boss by Holly Becker of Decor8 with co teachers Irene Hoofs from Bloesemblog and Steffi Luxat from Ohhhmhhh.
The course is really interesting and helpful: great tips about organizing your blog(life), technical information, a look behind screens and so much more.  There's a lot that I want to practice on my blog. I don't always have the skills/time/whatever, but I work on that (need more hours in one day!) This weeks homework is to make a list of  '8 blogs that rock and why'. Because this blogpost contains a lot of text, there's no Dutch translation, hope you understand. 

So here's my list: 

The first two are in the same Blog Bossclass and I'm very glad getting to know more nice blogs here, but I really wanted to mention these two. 

1)  beeldSTEIL
This blog belongs to a dear friend but that's not the (only) reason I want to mention it. beeldSTEIL rocks because of the (scandinavian) style, the simplicity, the layout, clean look and above all her photography. Smashing I think. Even a pepper and salt set becomes a Wish/Want/Musthave if pictured by beeldSTEIL. I call that Eyecandy by Wendy ;-)
2)  Gosto
I for myself am looking for a way to mix blog and shop more and Sonia of Gosto Design managed this very well. Her blog and shop are one, nice mix of info and inspiration. 
I follow this blog simply because it makes me happy. It's colorful, always in the same style en with a positive vibe. White background and different colors for Dutch and English text. Lots of pictures and DIY-ideas and I like the way Maartje shares her life(style) here.  
4)  Yvestown
Not only her blog but Yvonne herself is also rockstar and everything else fits in. You can follow her life in her blog. I happen to be at a presentation she did on Meet the Blogger Amsterdam. So cool how she turns a normal rubbish bin into an item that suits completely in her specific delicate colored and happy homestyle. 
You are never too old to cudle, that's what Joke means with her blog and shop. I really love the way she plays with the characters, they come to life in her blog, shop and facebookpage. The lay out, technics, colors, graphics, all are very admirable and too cute!  
This Norwegian interiorblog I like because of the content. It's fresh. I like the way she took the reader with her while she made the choices for her new home last year. The lay out is clean. The photograpy and the choices she makes make her blog rock. 
7)  Dottie Angel 
Crafty, crazy, cool. It's a lifestyle so speficic and well documented. I like it a lot. The photography, the content and the stories. Lay out is very simple but I like the creative buttons she made. This blog rocks with soul.      
8)  April&May
Lovely blog. Again in blogspot, black and white but with a slice of color. This is what Jantine says about her blog: April and May is a home, a story, feeling and a smile. This blog is also linked with a shop.  

Well those where the 8 blogs that not only rock but also have soul.  Important in a blog for me is original (self made) content. That's what gives a blog soul and makes it inspiring. It's fun to see how every blog in the list has its own look and feel since they are all made in blogspot (except Yvestown). I follow more blogs, but when I made this list, the blogs from Dutch origin (except Design Shimmer & Dottie Angel) above appeared on it every time. All the blogs are written in English, but though. I might have to get into more non Dutch blogs too.  A good thing to do while in course, because there are many many non Dutchies in class;-) Have a nice week! 


 * Without soul nothing rocks


  1. Hello!! thank you for stopping by in my blog! I like yours!!! I agree with your 8 blogs and I share some of those amongst my favourites!!
    lots of love and see you in class!

  2. Gaaf, ik had er ook over gelezen en even getwijfelt om het te doen, alleen de tijd laat het momenteel even niet toe :-(
    Succes, ik hoor graag meer over je ervaringen met de cursus!

  3. Ohhhh.... Nice surprise! Thanks! Ik moet nog mijn huiswerk maken... maar vind zoooooo moeilijk! Ik kan het niet tot 8 reduceren... Ga je naar de bloggers picknick? Kunnen wij carpoolen.

  4. Hi Sonia, you're welcome...en verdiend, want je hebt een prachtig blog. Ik ga ook naar de bloggers picknick, gezellig om te carpoolen. Wendy rijdt vast ook mee, nou vast duimen voor de zon. x

  5. Leuk! Ik had graag ook meegedaan met de course, maar valt even niet te combineren.

    Mooie blogs allemaal en succes met de cursus.

  6. Thanx!! Wat een eer om in zo'n mooie lijst met bloggers te staan. Ik ontdek steeds meer prachtige nieuwe blogs door deze opdracht, erg leuk. Je hebt wat dingen veranderd aan je blog, ziet er mooi uit!

    Lfs, Wen

    p.s. ik rij graag met jullie mee naar de bloggerslunch :)

  7. Hi, I like very much your blog, starting with it's name! and your selection of blogs, especially the norwegian one, I will definitely follow this one. Thanks for charing, it was a good homework task!


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