Milan Designweek 2016 . CasaVitra & Hella Jongerius

Deze week is het Designweek in Milaan. Een grote beurs, de Salone, en kleinere events (van grote namen en kleinere ontwerpers) verspreid over verschillende plekken in de stad. De levendigheid van de stad gecombineerd met de onverwachte presentaties op mooie plekken maken de designweek een uniek event. Deze week probeer ik af en toe te delen wat ik hier zie.

At Casa Vitra it's all about colours.  Yesterday it was opening night at Milan Designweek and we were at Casa Vitra a nice building with grande patio at Brera. It was busy, very busy. Even a row on the street to get in with an invitation. 

Designer Hella Jongerius was there for the presentation of her new book 'I don't have a favorite colour' about her vision and work as an art director for Vitra. The colour wheels are an installation and colour & materials library based on the book.  Huge wheels made with parts of Vitra design turn around and make new color combo's everytime. 

Upstairs there was the grande salon. A yellow heaven filled with 'poldersofa's with bling bling buttons combined with huge plants, shells and art. Colonial i would call it. Could be the lobby of a hotel somewhere in the tropics. Too busy to take pictures like on the patio and at the 'factory' but totally worth the visit. 

Colour, colour, colour, not only for the furniture but also for...the guests. I really loved the idea of the Nail Studio, where you could get your nail Vitra-coloured.  Have to go back there...

(a page from the book) 

And another reason to visit this place is the neighbour nextdoor. The Vitra Popup store. Here you can buy Vitra design minis and accessories. Styling is so sweet cause of the minis and the Alexander Girard dolls. And 10 points for the inside outside table. So nicely done! 

It was a pleasure to be at Casa Vitra. Good news is that i'll be at the Dutch dependance next month. And so can you. Check the Meet the Blogger Masterclass Photography & Visual Storytelling with teachers  Andres and Joyce from On a Hazy Morning. More info HERE. Hope to see you there :) 

Stay tuned for more Milan posts :)

Enjoy your day! 



  1. Wat leuk! Echt, wat kom jij toch op een leuke events :) Zelfs de programmaboekjes zien er mooi uit! En ik ga even kijken naar de masterclass. X

    1. Thx Karlijn :)) Zou leuk zijn je te zien in mei. En idd het was weer een fijne week! x


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