vrijdag 10 juni 2016

Milan Designweek V . Marimekko in Milano

While visiting the Milan Designweek it's hard to make choices since you can't see everything. One must visit is the Brera Design District where you can stroll around and see beauty on (and in) every corner. You could earlier read about my visit to the Atelier of Republic Fritz Hansen and the HAY expo at Pelota. From the HAY area i could see a very interesting balcony. There was a model walking around and she was calling on her cellphone. Of course i saw the Marimekko bag on the right and i just thought...this lady has got taste! When i looked at the Interni Map i found out that it had to be the Marimekko expo. And than i thought...how clever to work with models in an exhibition, this looks so real, attractive and so alive...

Tijdens de Milaan Designweek zag ik deze mooie verschijning op een balkon staan. Zag er zo gaaf uit, ik schoot er een plaatje van. Dacht nog, wat leuk om modellen in te zetten bij een presentatie. 

How fun it was to find out that the lady on the balcony was not a model (however she looks like one) but Anna Teurnell, creative director of Marimekko. She and her colleagues where all dressed in the white and black checked outfits. And they told us it was a coincidence. That's even more funny. This coincidence looked really great. They told us more about the interior of the different rooms and made the visit in the Milanese Marimekko Apartment a 'multo' pleasant experience. 

Het bleek later om de Anna Teurnell te gaan, creative director bij Marimekko :) 
Vlak daarna bezochten we dit kleurige appartement. We ontmoetten Anna en haar collega's die toevalligerwijs allemaal in zwart wit geblokte outfits rondliepen. Zag er goed uit en maakte de beleving extra leuk. Ze vertelden ons dat er bij het ontwerp van het interieur gebruik was gemaakt van bestaande vintage patronen en nieuwe prints. Een mooie match die prachtig stond op deze Milanese verdieping. 

I show you why: 

This was the bedroom. Every room had it's own balcony and on this sunny day with the windows opened it looked all so fresh and colorful. The Finnish designs and patterns of Marimekko really suit well in the Milanese apartment. New patterns were mixed with older designs from the 60's. A lovely mix of flowers, graphics in linens, on pictures and in accessories. The bohemian flowers patterns match perfect with the stripes on the bed. Mixing and matching, old & new. I like. The strong mix of patterns and materials in combination with the photography shows the place of a strong woman.

Next to the bedroom there was a kitchen kind of setting. Filled with reds. Table styling is something Marimekko is really good at. The delicate glasswork and porcelain make a nice pair on the deep reds of the table linens. 

Living room. Can this whole room move over to my place? Incuding the jungle plants and Mediterranean balcony please...:))

And this was the balcony i saw when i was at HAY's. Now it was nice to see how it looked like from here. 

Finally a dining area. Like i said. Marimekko is a star (in stripes ;) at table styling. Yum. Even with no food around. 

Work, work, work...the 'models' in the apartment had to work. Of course! They where the Marimekko team telling the Marimekko story in Milan. It was a pleasure to meet them. Are you curious about Marimekko and their designs and items? There's a webshop too! Click HERE

Benieuwd naar meer Marimekko in Nederland, kijk bijvoorbeeld eens HIER 

Well that's about it for now. I brought a few catalogues home. I realized despite of the fact we live here over than 10 years, some rooms still don't have curtains. A mix and match of bed linens would really suit well at our place too. All the tableware, the accessories, the patterns... Could make a nice accent in together with our interior. And wow the fabrics. Our home is definitely ready for a little more Fin(n)ish ;)) 

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Enjoy your weekend! 


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  1. Marimekko is zo mooi! Ik ben in Oslo eens in een winkel van hun geweest en wilde alles mee naar huis nemen! En inderdaad, slim om modellen te gebruiken. X

    1. Ook heel mooi om Marimekko in Oslo te zien lijkt me. En ja, een hoog 'hebben-hebben'- gehalte heeft het allemaal he :))) Het team Marimekko bestond uit prachtige mensen die in hun Marimekko outfits allemaal modellen hadden kunnen zijn. Gaf de beleving echt wat extra's :)) X